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This page is for the exclusive use of established clientele of Come Alive Communications, Inc., and serves as a direct channel for project submission.

To submit a project for service, fill out as many of the fields below as needed. Repeat clients with ongoing, established projects need only fill out any NEW fields particular to their document submission (e.g., a change in the target language or a specific deadline). A contact name and email is always requested.

If a particular P.O.# is required for invoicing purposes, please duly note it in the appropriate field.

Pressing the Submit button below serves as our Work Order to proceed with the outlined project and the files submitted, and we will only contact you if any questions, doubts or difficulties exist relative to the directions and files sent.

Thank you for visiting COME ALIVE COMMUNICATIONS, and we look forward to serving you!

Size limit for each file is 8.00 EB

    If you need more specific information that falls into one of the categories below, please hit the appropriate link.

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    Click to submit files for service.

    Coming Soon

    Come Alive's Client Boutique

    We’re always looking for new ways to streamline project workflows, enhance communication and make life a little less stressful – without sacrificing the personal touch which is our hallmark.

    We hope the Client Boutique will alleviate some stress by giving you more control over your projects and real-time updates on our workflow.

    Stay tuned as we work to setup the tools that we think will serve you best.