Trust issues…?

We get it.

Meet the "Mr. Right" of language specialists.


Standards for interpreters have changed dramatically since the 1980s.

Thank God!

Gone are the days when judges would grab that bilingual secretary for a plea agreement, or when CEO’s figured that hotshot intern who “speaks Chinese at home” could handle the company’s formal manufacturing negotiations.

(Incidentally, if those days are not quite “gone” in your own workplace, beware!)

Lots of language-related no-no’s occurred in previous decades. Lots more are still ocurring. View Translation Blunders

Those of us who’ve been part of the interpreting and translation industry for decades – like most of us at Come Alive Communications – are thrilled to see the United States finally catching up with global industry standards. We welcome the certification standards, accreditation requirements and rigorous testing that increasingly weed out part-time (or just curious) bilinguals from true, linguistic professionals. It’s who Come Alive linguists have always been, and what we’ve pursued all along.

Now that the ‘80s are a thing of the past (along with mullet haircuts), we’re at the forefront, trained and ready to confront the most challenging linguistic battles of all: yours.

Partial List of Services:


Interpretation (from the courtroom to the conference table and everywhere in between, Come Alive’s experienced interpreters consistently deliver excellence in simultaneous or consecutive interpreting)

Native voice-overs, foreign language narration (robust, in-house studio with on-site, multilingual video editing and engineering; native voice talent in accordance with client preferences and specifications)

Bilingual training, seminars and motivational speaking (provide your goals, content and materials, and we will provide the training and motivation)

P.S. Did you know that all professional interpreters are not translators, and most professional translators are not interpreters? Translation and Interpreting are two very unique professional specialties, each requiring different training, skill sets and personalities. We thought our clients should know!